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Hi, Im Erika. 22 years old. I love Musical Theater. Reading. Chocolate. Laughter. Sunshine. Photos. Memories.


“I was a little girl with a pot belly and afro puffs, hyperactive and over dramatic. And I found the theatre, and I found my home, and I found a place to express myself. And I was so grateful, even at the age of nine. And to think, the theatre would be so good to me is mind blowing.”


You’d be surprised how many beautiful gowns have crazy women in them.


look at this if this continues I really don’t know if I will survive


DO NOT skip to the ending of the song. I’m saying this because this is probably the most emotion filled “Or are you really as wonderful as you seem?” that I have ever heard these two do, and the entire song prior to that one line really leads up to it. If you listen to it in full you’ll understand why when you get there. I had chills during it. 


You can actually pinpoint the moment Santino’s heart breaks in his last “Ten Minutes Ago” with Laura


So can we all take a moment to appreciate that the voice of Hans from Frozen just randomly did this one day?

I can’t get over how funny this is!!! hhahahah!!

Kristen Bell & Santino Fontana performing Love Is An Open Door live (x)

are we not going to discuss this
You can’t be perfect. You can only be present and truthful.
— 出典:Santino Fontana on acting. (via thelovelinessoftheatre)