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Hi, Im Erika. 22 years old. I love Musical Theater. Reading. Chocolate. Laughter. Sunshine. Photos. Memories.

oh fun story of when i went to see GGLAM:

When my friend and I went to stagedoor, we told Bryce Pinkham how great his facial expressions were (because they are really so great and hilarious) and he was like “oh thanks, I spent many lonely nights in front of the mirror” so then my friend and I laughed and he said “not really, just many lonely nights…”

hahaha! And we were both like, “we could make your night less lonely” but we didnt say that out loud cuz it might have sounded strange and/or creepy.

Also apparently Jefferson Mays used to have his dressers whisper his characters to him before going on!

new theatre survey: leave a number in my ask!

  • 1. If you were to get a Broadway related tattoo, what would it be of/from what show?
  • 2. Which musical would you like to see transferred to the big screen?
  • 3. Are you having a Tony Awards party this year? If so, what will it consist of?
  • 4. What are your predictions for the Tonys this year?
  • 5. Broadway.com or Playbill.com?
  • 6. What do you think of movies adapted into musicals?
  • 7. What are your dream roles?
  • 8. A musical that you're dying to see.
  • 9. If you were to watch the last musical of your life, which one would it be?
  • 10. Chicago the movie or Chicago the stage production?
  • 11. Who would you cast if your favorite musical was made into a film?
  • 12. Are you going to a performing arts school? If you're still in high school, would you like to?
  • 13. Who should have played Marilyn - Ivy or Karen? (SMASH)
  • 14. If you landed a role on Broadway, would you stay in school or drop out?
  • 15. What show do you believe was "robbed" from a Tony Award?
  • 16. What shows have you seen? [Tour casts included]
  • 17. Will you be seeing the new Les Mis film?
  • 18. How many cast recording albums do you own?
  • 19. Favorite cast?
  • 20. Favorite film adaption?
  • 21. What musical inspires you?
  • 22. Favorite "tagline" of a show. (i.e. "no day but today.")
  • 23. Favorite reprise?
  • 24. What show has the best costume design?
  • 25. Favorite set design?
  • 26. Have you met any Broadway stars?
  • 27. How many playbills do you own?
  • 28. Does your family enjoy musicals as much as you do?
  • 29. First musical you saw.
  • 30. Favorite movie star turned Broadway star.
  • iammorethanmemory:

    Mike Warren, 2x06

    light vs. shadow

    Did anyone else notice how crazy long Aarons eyelashes are!! I was so mesmerized by his eyelashes in this scene!!

    Its been a week since my last day at AADA. I am so bummed.


    This song <3 #trs #therocketsummer

    I am so close to dropping out of uni. I really in don’t know how I am going to last another 2 years. I am so discouraged.


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    Divergent New Behind The Scenes!

    A lot of Sheo feels!

    He smiles… she smiles…I am dying of feels😂😂