Let me be your star.

Hi, Im Erika. 22 years old. I love Musical Theater. Reading. Chocolate. Laughter. Sunshine. Photos. Memories.


theatre challenge - 2/10 performers Santino Fontana

i should practice my tap dancing…..

"Here’s the headline: Newsies on a mission, kill the competition, sell the next edition!"

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I decided this, this summer. When I decided to so something for me. When i went away, and made my own decisions. And selfishly stayed in some nights instead of going out, because I was saving money. When I decided that I owe nothing to anyone, except myself. 

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Date someone who looks at you the way Mark Ruffalo looks at Paul Rudd.


shall i join my brothers there?

Les Misérables at the Dallas Theater Center, Summer 2014


the struggle between wanting to listen to new musicals and wanting to listen to the ones you’ve already heard 1,000 times again

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May the force be ever in your favor, Harry.
— 出典:Gandalf (The Chronicles of Narnia)

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